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Grand Opening of Argo's Friend Palace - Whoosh!

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August 7th, 2007

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08:53 pm - Grand Opening of Argo's Friend Palace
I'm sorry if this is short notice, but I've planned my official opening of my palace this coming Sunday, August 12th, 2:00p Mountain, 1:00p Pacific, 4:00p Eastern, 9:00p England, 10:00p Netherlands. I just found out that I'll be working every Sunday after this one, so this is the only real good time I could plan it.

To get to Argo's:

Your old client might not work, so you'll have to download the new client at:
WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON: Before you download anything, please, please backup your old whole Palace software, including and most importantly, your avs and props. If you donwload without backing up everything, your avs/props could be written over.
Once you've done that, open the palace and my addy is:

Another way is Instant Palace. Instant Palace is convenient, but very limiting. You won't be able to wear any avs, or use any props. And when I'm at work, not all of the rooms load when I'm on Inst.Pal. But at least you'll be with us. To use Inst. Pal., type this into your browser: argos-friend.epalaces.com/instantpal.html You don't have to download anything, except perhaps Java. You need to have Java in order to use Inst.Pal. You can do that here: http://www.elitepalaces.com/dw_extras.php

You might want to have all this done before Sunday, so if you have any problems, you can tell me and I can ask my host server if I can't help you.

I'm so excited! And a HUGE thank you to Kasha for making our official Palace Reunion 2007 T-shirts in a variety of colors. That was so nice of you Kasha...thanks so much!

If you have any questions before Sunday, please don't hesitate to contact me.

See you Sunday!

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